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The Commune of Przygodzice


The Commune of Przygodzice is located in the southern part of the Wielkopolska Province, in the Ostrów Wielkopolski County. It has a total area of 163.39 square km. State roads No 11 and No 25 cross this area together with the railway line connecting the Silesia Province with the Baltic coast. Forests and woods cover 45% of the area and 4% is covered by fish ponds. The commune has 11 601 inhabitants.

The main river of the commune is the Barycz River - the right tributary of the Odra River - which is also the source of water for the Przygodzice Fish Ponds. A wide variety of wildlife and presence of many animal and plant species in this area was the purpose of establishing Wydymacz Nature Reserve, Dolina Baryczy Landscape Park, Important Bird Area, Protected Landscape Area and identifying monuments of nature. In the centre of Przygodzice, in the vicinity of the Commune Office, there is a famous White Storks’ nest, which can be watched over the internet (www.bociany.ec.pl).

Traces of settlements in the area of the commune are dated back to the time of Neolith. Since the XVI century most of the territory had been a part of the estate of the Leszczyński family, taken over by Jan J. Przebendowski, and between 1755 and 1939 belonging to the Radziwiłł family. In each village such attention-worthy traces can be found, showing a connection to the history of this region.

Tourism plays an important role in the commune. There are walking, bike, horse riding and canoe trails crossing this territory. Antonin is the centre of tourism - it is a popular recreation place, where also the Hunting Palace of the Radziwiłł family is located - a pearl of neoclassical architecture. In the past Frederic Chopin had visited this place, and today piano concerts dedicated to his memory are held.

Another tourist attraction is a swimming lake and Lido Recreation and Resting Centre in Antonin, with lodge, camping and beach. At the state road No 11 near Przygodzice, there is also Górecznik restaurant centre.

 - foto1.jpg
Antonin - Hunting Palace of the Radziwiłł family

 - foto2.jpg
Antonin - Monument of F. Chopin

 - foto3.jpg
Przygodzice Fish Ponds

 - foto4.jpg
Wydymacz Nature Reserve

 - foto5.jpg
White Storks of Przygodzice

 - foto6.jpg
Antonin - swimming lake

 - foto7.jpg
Przygodzice - Commune Office


Gmina Przygodzice
pl. Powstańców Wlkp. 2, 63-421 Przygodzice
tel.: +48 62 592 77 22, fax:  +48 62 592 70 00, e-mail: ugp@przygodzice.pl, http://www.przygodzice.pl
NIP: 622-23-95-605, Regon: 250855191
Nr konta bankowego: ING BANK ŚLĄSKI S.A. Oddział w Przygodzicach  84 1050 1201 1000 0022 6097 4536

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